The Power of Storytelling

At the start of the school year, Denise Aedan, Salish Coast librarian and first-class storyteller, created a video expressing joy that Read to Rover was back. She says that when it’s time for Read to Rover sessions to begin, the school is abuzz with positive energy, with whispers from children and adults alike of “the dogs are here, the dogs are here,” reverberating in the hallways. 2nd grade students proudly bounce down the corridors in their bright red Read to Rover Tshirts hugging the books they have brought to share, and they are so excited to enter the Library to read with their dog. As one student hugged her furry friend goodbye, she whispered in his ear, “I just wish every day was Read to Rover Day!”

Although it wasn’t Ms. Aedan’s primary motivation, the video has been a powerful recruitment tool contributing to expansion of our group of Read to Rover therapy dogs.

Click on this photo to view video:

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