Community Cat Program

This tabby female was one of 7 cats trapped at an abandoned house in Irondale. She was spayed and rehomed.

The Community Cat Program is an all-volunteer effort to humanely control wild or feral cat populations throughout Jefferson County, WA by trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) cats to their capture site. Feral cats are often the result of domestic cats having been lost or abandoned and their offspring being born wild, without any human contact. Feral adults usually can not be tamed and, thus, can not live indoors as pets, but they are content to live outside with food, water, and shelter provided. There are an estimated 60 million feral cats in the United States.

The Best Option for Community Cats

TNR (trapping, neutering, and returning) stops the uncontrolled growth of feral cat colonies and has been shown to be more effective than simply removing the feral cats. It is endorsed by veterinary groups and is practiced throughout the world. TNR involves the humane trapping of feral cats so that they can be spayed or neutered and then returned to their place of capture where a caretaker makes sure they have a daily supply of food and water. Cats are spayed and neutered by local veterinarians and, while under anesthesia, they are “ear tipped” which involves the painless removal of the very tip of their left ear. This identifies cats as already being spay/neutered, so they are not trapped again.

How to Get Help with a Feral or Stray Cat

If you are caring for feral cats, you can get help with spaying and neutering the cats. Please contact the Humane Society of Jefferson County (360-385-3292) or Center Valley Animal Rescue (360-765-0598).

Community Cats Neutered So Far

2020: 29
2019: 52
2018: 51
2017: 69
2016: 66
2015: 104
2014: 65
2013: 48
2012: 66
2011: 88
2010: 116
2009: 137
2008: 185
2007: 271
2006: 194
2005: 270
2004: 218
2003: 169
2002: 119
2001: 89
Total: 2406