Rave Reviews for Salish Coast Read to Rover Reading Circle

Denise with Lumie, Chico, and Leo on Zoom

Every Wednesday from October through May, Denise Aedan, Salish Coast School Librarian, invited kids to read their favorite books to a few Read to Rover dogs on Zoom.

Here is what Denise had to say:

“THANK YOU R2R! We are forever grateful for your teams’ willingness to try R2R with ZOOM. It WORKED! The R2R volunteers and their dogs helped our remote students feel connected to their community and it gave them a reason to practice their reading aloud every week with their families in order to share their voice as a reader with the dogs! Over the year, 45 Salish Coast students attended these R2R zoom sessions! We look forward to seeing you all in the Library next year! With utmost gratitude, Denise Aedan”

Here’s what some of the kids had to say:

“Thank you for being such a good listener! We liked reading to you! You are such good dogs! Woof! Woof!”

“Thank you for bringing all your dogs for us to read to! I like reading better when I can read to a dog!”

“Thank you for participating in Read to Rover. I really love reading to my pets too.”

“Thank you for making reading fun! We really like seeing Chico, Lumie, and Leo. We will miss Read to Rover but we will make sure to read to our dogs over the summer.”

“I really appreciate storytime with the dogs. I love them. Thanks! Here is a joke about dogs. Why are dogs, such good storytellers? Because they know when to PAWS for dramatic effect!”

“Thank you volunteering for Read to Rover. I enjoyed reading to you!”

“Thanks for letting me read to you! It was fun!”

“I love reading to you and your dog and to my dog and cat!”

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