7,858 Animals Spayed/Neutered in Jefferson County

A remarkable 7,858 animals in Jefferson County have been spayed or neutered with the assistance of Olympic Mountain Pet Pals since the inception of their program in 2001. This statistic was announced at the OMPP annual meeting by President Pam Kolacy. “When OMPP was founded in 2001, the goal was to make Jefferson County a community with no homeless dogs and cats and to make our local shelter a no-kill facility,” she explained.
The organization has funded spay/neuter services for 2,106 dogs and 3,375 cats in low-income households and Trap-Neuter-Return services for 2,377 community/feral cats.
In 2019, the annual cost of the spay/neuter program was approximately $39,375. According to Kolacy, the organization’s primary source of funding is from individuals. “It takes a community committed to the well-being of their pets and it takes a lot of money to support the work we do. We are always in need of donations of time and money to continue our mission,” Kolacy remarked, as she closed the 2019 annual meeting of Olympic Mountain Pet Pals. More details are available here.

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