On-Line Spay/Neuter Application Form (revised June 2018)

If you have a limited income and need financial help with spaying or neutering your pet, Olympic Mountain Pet Pals will provide assistance as long as funds are available. OMPP is a non-profit organization funded by local donations and grants, serving Jefferson County residents only.

For pet spay/neuter information call (360) 301-8142.
Help with feral cats, call (360) 437-9085.

INFO: Puppies and kittens must be 8 weeks old, weigh over 2 pounds, and be weaned. Mother dogs and cats must have their litters weaned, plus another week's delay before surgery. Dogs and cats can be spayed while in heat but there is a greater risk of complication. NO FLEAS PLEASE! The vet may charge you for flea treatment, if needed, and a rabies vaccination, which is required by state law. OMPP does not pay for other exam fees that may be charged by the individual clinic.

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Participating vets:
CVVH Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital (360-385-4488) 820 Chimacum Rd, Port Hadlock.
HVC Hadlock Veterinary Clinic (360-385-2020) 842 Ness Corner Rd, Port Hadlock.
OBAH Oak Bay Animal Hospital (360-385-7297) 745 Oak Bay Rd, Port Hadlock. Cats only, must be over 4 months old.

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Name of Pet: Dog/Cat Sex:
Weight: Age:
Reproductive status: Description (breed, color):

Name of Pet: Dog/Cat Sex:
Weight: Age:
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Will you consider a co-pay?
 I am unable to contribute to the cost of surgery at this time So that OMPP can help more pet owners, I will co-pay the vet at the time of appointment this amount: $

If your application is approved, we will send a payment voucher to the vet you selected and call or email you to give you instructions as to how to arrange your appointment with the vet. If you do not hear from us within a week of applying, please call 360-316-9838. Ideally, the pet's owner should bring the pet to the appointment to authorize the procedures to be done. If that is not possible, the owner should sign a note authorizing the surgery to be presented to the clinic by the person transporting the pet.

OMPP does not pay for pre-anesthesia testing or shots. No cosmetic or other procedures (such as de-clawing, tail docking, or ear cropping) may be done during financially assisted spay or neuter surgery.

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